Nintabi Ninja shoes for kids. Run faster!

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Your Children Benefit from Barefoot Shoes
Being barefoot is very important for the development of your child's foot. It stimulates all of the senses, and helps the formation of healthy arches. However, it is extremely difficult to stay barefoot all the time due to the risk of injury, cold weather and sanitary reasons.
Marugo Company in Okayama, Japan created NINTABI to offer a barefoot-like experience for children. For the first time in the U.S., it is available through our Amazon shop.
■ Why spilt toes?
The "split-toe" sole design allows the toes to move freely, 
and naturally increases the gripping of the ground. It increases the proprioception of the ideal weight distribution on your foot which supports the natural arch development and gait mechanism.
■ Flexible Bottom Sole
NINTABI soles are designed for flexibility which enables movement of a barefoot feel inside the shoe. Your foot will have to adjust to your movement, therefore it strengthens the muscles around your foot and ankle.
■ Shoes to Stimulate Your Feet?
Many of our modern day children suffer from undesirable conditions on their feet. such as "Flat Feet" or "Floating Toes". In order to improve the foot health, we need to stimulate the feet from walking/running on the ground. On the bottom of our feet, we have sensors called "Mechanoreceptors" which carries information to our brains or muscles. By developing these sensors, it gives the information needed and helps with balance. 
By separating the big toes in NINTABI shoes, the kids naturally push with their balls of their feet when running. The flexible sole and velcro makes it easier to customize the fit of the shoe which enhances the child to run faster. Your kids will be excited for their next running event.
Run like Ninja and Be on Top
■Ninja running with NINTABI
By gripping the ground and pushing on balls of feet, your leg movements naturally becomes faster. It feels like your a Ninja running! We conducted our own research with 31 children at the age of 5. We compared their 25 meter dash between NINTABI and their regular shoes. They ran much faster with the NINTABI shoes!
*our own research and not a scientific evidence

■Fast movement like Ninja
While wearing the NINTABI shoes performing running, stopping, and jumping movements, the movements feel very natural like being barefoot. 
We conducted our own research with 31 children at the age of 5. We made them run 5 meters, stop, another 5 meters, stop and another 5 meters. (5m x 3). We compared the times between NINTABI and their regular shoes. Their performance results had an increase of seconds with the NINTABI shoes!
*our own research and not a scientific evidence
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Check out how one of the kids at National Martial Arts Academy in Aurora, CO who wore NINTABI to  his class and was recognized by the shoes.