About Us

About us

Kei Izawa and Shunsuke Yokota are avid Jikatabi users and truly believe in the benefits of the shoes/boots. We met in Boulder, CO and shared our passion in Jikatabi boots. As we discussed how we could share our passion, we came up on an idea to create a facebook page, Jikatabi Fan Club. We hope to continue sharing our passion and interact with Jikatabi fans around the world!

Kei Izawa

As a life long and avid practitioner of martial arts, Izawa has searched for ways to improve his speed and stability while moving and rotating for martial arts training. After reading about some studies on the role that the big toes play in the stability of the movements, he started to use and promote barefoot and jikatabi lifestyle, away from encasing the feet. He travels around the world using only jikatabis. He has traveled 5 continents with jikatabis and wears them for all business and leisure situations. 


Shunsuke Yokota

As a competitive skier and later a coach of freestyle skiing, he has always realized the importance of the spots in our feet where the weight should be on. One of the points he most emphasizes is where the big toe separates from others. He noticed by wearing Jikatabis, he could always focus on the exact point in everyday life. That’s when he started to develop the passion in Jikatabi. He also loves and is proud of his native Japanese culture, it is natural for him to have the passion.

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