[Marugo] Saisou Zipper, Ninja Shoes, Tabi Boots (Outdoor)

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Jikatabi with zipper

  • When wearing Jikatabi, it has never been easier with this zipper model. Reduced impact with a soft and comfortable insole from heel to toe.

  • The zipper on the side enhances the ease of quickly putting on the Jikatabi shoe verses the traditional hooks. Perfectly made for slipping on and off the shoe.

  • The elastic materials make a perfect fit around your feet and ankles with the combination of the elastic and zipper.

  • Your feet are stable with “heel cups insole” and “arch support”, which helps your feet from feeling tired.

  • The thick insole provides comfortable cushioning with no impact on looking good on the outside.

  • Design on the outsole is slip resistant.

  • The shoe and insoles are removable for care of washing and the material dries quickly.

  • With EVA cup insole