Nintabi Kids Jikatabi

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  • Footwear for children that feels like they’re walking barefoot

  • Kids feel like they are walking barefoot because of the thin/flexible soles. Naturally this strengthens the muscles of the foot. This is rare due to over protective modern shoes. 

  • The toes move freely which helps the child to learn body mechanics of using the entire foot for walking.

  • No need to tie with an easy fit and Velcro belt to support the ankle.

  • The grips on the top of the backstay (heel loops) make it easy for kids to put the shoes on and off easily.

  • Reflective tape for nighttime safety

  • Sturdy heel counter that provides the feeling that the shoes are a part of your feet

  • Wearing Nintabi helps creating healthy arches of feet in kids due to the soft outsole that allow them to move the feet freely
  • The big toes and other toes move separately
  • Adjustable fit by velcro by ankle